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Team Woodbine

Kristopher L. Harman

Senior Vice President

Kristopher Harman joined Woodbine in 2008 to lead entitlement and contract negotiation efforts, with particular focus on acquisition activities. Mr. Harman’s responsibilities include the aggregation of information to lead to informed decisions for internal and external investment committee approvals.

Completing entitlements and due diligence for a project is both complicated and rewarding, just like a large jigsaw puzzle. At first its a pile of pieces, but it gets easier as you get organized and find the common themes, taking care that you dont lose any pieces along the way.

John Field Scovell

Founder & Chairman View Bio

King Scovell

Managing Partner
Chief Development Officer
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T. Dupree Scovell

Managing Partner
Chief Investment Officer
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Ian James Cihak

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer View Bio

Kristopher L. Harman

Senior Vice President Current Bio

Alexis Martinez

Managing Partner View Bio